Religion: Slavic pantheon
God of: Sky, Earth, and the Underworld
Fictional Appearances:
Fantasy set in OTL(?)
Type of Appearance: Direct

Triglav is the name of a deity or a combination of gods in Slavic mythology. The nature of the combination varies with time and location of a particular legend. Generally, Triglav is depicted as a man with three heads, which represent the sky, the earth, and the Underworld.  

Triglav in Thessalonica[]

Triglav was a Slavic god, a large boulder-strong creature with three heads on a single neck who wielded an enormous sword. Avar wizards summoned him during their attack on Thessalonica. Demetrius, the city's patron saint, came to Earth in physical form to battle Triglav on behalf of the Thessalonican Christians. However, before the battle could be decided the Centaurs - driven to fury by drinking wine, for the first time in many centuries - arrived and trampled the Avar and Slav sorcerers who had called up the Slavic gods. With their death, Triglav and the other Slavic gods disappeared and so did St. Demetrius.