Fictional Character
The Opening of the World
Type of Appearance: Direct
Race: Bizogot
Religion: Worship of God
Occupation: Chieftain, soldier, Explorer
Affiliations: Three Tusk Clan

Trasamund was the jarl or leader of the Three Tusk Clan. Due to his position he was the first to tell Sigvat II about the Gap in the Glacier. He was extremely pompous and boastful and unable to realize sarcasm or any subtle things, like most Bizogots.

The Emperor of Raumsdalia, Sigvat II, requested that Trasamund lead the expedition to discover the land south of the Glacier. He accepted and was excited about the fact that the Rulers, the tribe of people he discovered north of the Glacier, rode mammoths.

He was in Nidaros when the Rulers invaded the lands south of the Glacier, and attacked his clan. Caught unprepared, the Three Tusk were decimated, leaving only twenty or so clansmen fit to fight, not counting Count Hamnet Thyssen, Ulric Skakki and Audun Gilli. At first he was too mournful to lead but later recovered enough to ambush the invaders.