This article is about the census-designated place in California. For the Federacy planet Topanga, see Topanga (planet).

Chatsworth is north on 27 to 118.

Topanga is a census-designated place in western Los Angeles County, California, USA. It is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Occupying Topanga Canyon, it is often referred to by that name. Topanga is bounded on three sides by State Park or conservancy lands, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean and a small strip of Malibu, which is the main community to the west. On the east is Pacific Palisades. Topanga had a population of 8,289 as of 2010.

Topanga in "Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers"[]

Topanga had been a small and relatively isolated community in the Greater Los Angeles area. As such, it was used to making due and self sufficiency. The bulk of the community was made up of "hippies" and their offspring living in communes.[1]

After The Change, the locals did relatively well, surviving the Dieoff with minimal losses other than those from the loss of advanced medical care. There was year round water, most years, from streams running through the canyon with access to the Pacific Ocean at the bottom of the cannon. After the Dieoff, the The Valley was available to the north for scrounging through the abandoned buildings.[2]

However, Bruce Delgado of Chatsworth formed up a group of horsemen which became known as the Chatsworth Lancers. He used this military force to consolidate the west end of The Valley and tried to incorporate Topanga into his domain. A couple of small wars were fought and Topanga retained its independence. Topanga built fortifications along the Glenview stretch of the Topanga Canyon Boulevard north of the town to help defend it. While normally open, the road could be closed in minutes and fortified as strongly as any other section within an hour.[3]

While Topangans were always independent minded and distrusted any authority, they recognized the need for some organization after The Change. The elected group of five leaders were called the "Brains". At the time of the latest aggression by Chatsworth (about thirty years after The Change), the Brains consisted of Pete Reilly as the group's leader (informally called the "Brainiest Brain"), Kwame Curtis, a former Marine, responsible for military matters, Connie Wong for civil infrastructure such as it was, and two others.[4]


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