Fictional Character
"None So Blind"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Mussalmi
Occupation: Nobleman, Explorer, Hunter, Educator
Affiliations: Imperial Academy in Tampere

Baron Toivo, a fellow of the Imperial Academy in Tampere, led a Mussalmian expedition to the tropical continent. A heartless man with no empathy, Toivo threatened to shoot any native baggage-carrier who deserted the expedition, nor did he show any sadness at the deaths of some of the Mussalmian savants. Indeed, when Piip was fatally wounded in the capture of a previously unknown animal, Toivo's only emotion was glee in possessing a new rare specimen. Savants Kyosti and Uluots wouldn't have put it past Toivo to use a native bearer as bait for a dragon-trap, so when the idea popped into their minds, they pointedly did not speak it where the baron might hear.

After a number of minor adventures and discoveries, the expedition bagged a bipedal dragon and returned in triumph to Mussalmia.