Three Dee Crossroads
Part of Detinan Civil War
Location Great River Province, Detina
Result Northern victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
Sam the Sturgeon Ned of the Forest

Three Dee Crossroads was a place in Great River Province. During the Detinan Civil War, the forces of loyalist Brigadier Sam the Sturgeon was ambushed separatists led by Ned of the Forest. Although Sam had three times as many men as Ned, the latter was able to mobilize faster, and smashed Sam's army "to hells and gone", according to Sam's fellow Brigadier Andrew the Smith. News of this defeat was distressing to General Hesmucet, who declared Ned to be a (metaphorical) demon, and that there could be no peace by the Great River until Ned was dead.[1]

Literary comment[]

The Battle of Three Dee Crossroads is based on the Battle of Tishomingo Creek (June 10, 1864), also known as the Battle of Brice's Cross Roads. Bryce is a brand of artistic software which produced innovative examples of "three dimensional" imagery in the 1990s.