Thraxton the Braggart
Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Appearance(s): Sentry Peak;
Marching Through Peachtree
Type of Appearance: Direct (POV in SP only)
Nationality: Detina (joined breakaway Geoffreyist kingdom)
Religion: Detinan pantheon
Occupation: Soldier, Nobleman, Mage
Spouse: Unnamed wife
Affiliations: Army of Franklin

Count Thraxton the Braggart was a Northern General[1] in the Detinan Civil War. Thraxton was a mage who had a tremendous amount of power but an equally tremendous tendency for his plans to backfire on his Army of Franklin as opposed to the rival army of General Guildenstern. While fighting against the Southrons in earlier battles at Pottstown Pier and Reillyburgh, Thraxton's career misfired. His one true crowning moment of glory came at the Battle of the River of Death when he used a spell to confuse General Guildenstern and routed his army, halted by Doubting George on Merkle's Hill. Thraxton being Thraxton, he soured every claim to this victory in the course of the subsequent battles around Sentry Peak and Proselytizers' Rise, and was thus sacked from command of the Army of Franklin.

In his subsequent role as adviser to King Geoffrey, Thraxton played a major role in the hiring of General Bell in the campaign for Marthasville, and in the doomed attempt to hold back the last advances of General Hesmucet in the East. Ironically, for all that was against him, Thraxton the Braggart would be the only commander of the Army of Franklin to make the army function even partially well.

Literary Comment[]


Thraxton the Braggart is based on Braxton Bragg.


Military offices
(Fictional Work)
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New army
Commander of the Army of Franklin Succeeded by
Joseph the Gamecock