Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States (Born in the United Kingdom, also briefly a citizen of France)
Date of Birth: 1737
Date of Death: 1809
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: De facto Deism (through he rejected that particular label)
Occupation: Revolutionary, Author of Non-Fiction, Scholar, Philosopher, Farmer
Fictional Appearances:
POD: c 85,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: 1452
Appearance(s): The United States of Atlantis
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States of Atlantis (born in England)
Occupation: Pamphleteer, Soldier
Military Branch: Army of the Atlantean Assembly

Thomas Paine (9 February 1737 - 8 June 1809) was an English pamphleteer, revolutionary, radical, and intellectual, who spent much of his life and career in North America and in France. He was also a Founding Father of the United States.

Thomas Paine in Atlantis[]

Thomas Paine was a common soldier in the Atlantean Army commanded by General Victor Radcliff at the start of the War of Independence; he was also a writer who stirred many Atlanteans to arms with his exhortations. When the Royal Navy dropped off a raiding party of Terranovan copperskin mercenaries to raid and pillage the area around Avalon, Radcliff persuaded Paine to cross the Hesperian Gulf to Terranova and stir the colonies there to revolt against Great Britain.[1] This he did with success.[2] While some colonies resisted his message, others embraced his ideas enthusiastically.[3]


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