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Third World War
Date 1960s-1970s
Location North America, with some intercontinental bombing of Europe
Result Axis victory;

The United States and Canada occupied by the Greater German Reich.

USA.jpg United States

Dominion Canada.jpg Canada

Worldwar Germany.jpg Germany

Japan.jpg Japan

The Third World War was an international conflict fought from the 1960s to the 1970s by the Greater German Reich (under its second Führer Heinrich Himmler) and the Empire of Japan against the United States which had remained neutral and isolated during the Second World War. Canada joined the United States against the Reich and Japan.

The war was the result of a competition for world dominance with the Reich and Japan on one hand and the United States on the other. The U.S was the only non-Axis dominated or aligned country in the world.

Germany was the first country to develop nuclear weapons. Using the same technology it used to build V-1 and V-2 missiles in the Second World War and defeat Britain and the Soviet Union, the Germans developed "robot bombs" to attack and destroy key American cities, including Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The US was able to launch attacks on the Reich, and cause it significant damage. Nonetheless, America was decisively defeated, losing a third of its population, probably mounting to several tens of millions.

After the war ended, the Reich occupied North America, and began exterminating both countries' Jewish populations. Most of the Negro populations in the United States were also killed off with large massacres taking place in New York City and Los Angeles. Any remaining blacks were used as slave labor by the Reich for "dirty" or dangerous work. Some white Americans assisted in these massacres.

With the former capital of Washington, DC reduced to a nuclear wasteland, the American capital was moved to Omaha, Nebraska in the Mid West, where a pro-Nazi puppet government was established. The Wehrmacht maintained bases in New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Omaha itself.

Under the Reich, the United States was forced to pay war reparations in the form of an annual tribute. This became an important source of income for the German economy. When the United States was either unable to pay this tribute or was late doing so, the Wehrmacht used threats of force to speed up the process. The Americans nonetheless did their best to hide the resources they had from the German government, and the German government took it for granted the Americans were hiding those resources.

Germany's second victory over its enemies was a propaganda victory of the Reich. In Reich schools, youth were taught by their teachers that the German Reich had won for several reasons including its technological superiority and the general lack of intelligence found in Americans.