Things Fall Apart  
Author Harry Turtledove
Series Supervolcano
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Roc
Publication date December, 2013
Preceded by All Fall Down
Things Fall Apart (Roc, December 2013) is the third and final volume of the Supervolcano trilogy.

The novel picks up immediately after the second volume, All Fall Down. The San Atanasio police department is still reeling from the discovery of the identity of the South Bay Strangler, and Colin Ferguson's career receives a boost. His wife, Kelly returns to work after giving birth to their daughter Deborah. His eldest child, Rob, finds relative happiness in isolated northern Maine. His youngest child, Marshall continues to be moderately successful as a writer, while living at home. His middle child, Vanessa, jealous of her younger brother's success, attempts to jump-start her own writing career while maintaining a relationship. Colin's ex-wife, Louise, raises her own young son James on her own. Bryce Miller teaches at a university in the frozen wasteland of Wayne, Nebraska.

The novel covers a period of 2-3 years as the United States tries to establish a new normal domestically, while realizing it is now no longer a global superpower.

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