Thetford was a small town in interior of the United States of Atlantis. By the mid-19th century, Thetford was a stronghold of the House of Universal Devotion. John Audubon and Edward Harris were directed here by Lehonti Kent in their search for honkers. However, no one in Thetford claimed to have seen a honker in recent years. Audubon and Harris continued their search towards the Green Ridge Mountains to the northeast of the town.[1] Audubon described it as a bucolic village in his writings.[2]

Some 40 years later, Thetford had become an industrial town comparable to anything in the British Midlands. It was here that British detective Athelstan Helms found Preacher Samuel Jones, the founder of the House, while investigating the murders of various critics of the House. Helms' companion, Doctor James Walton, had read Audubon and was disappointed in the changes to the town.[3]


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