Theodorick Bradford
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1825
Date of Death: 1864
Cause of Death: Shot to death in battle
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Soldier
Parents: Theodorick Bradford Sr.,
Lucy Green Martin
Spouse: Mildred Duncan( ?),
Mary Boardman
Relatives: Bill Bradford (brother)
Military Branch: Union
(American Civil War)
Fictional Appearances:
Fort Pillow
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct

Theodorick Fowke "Theo" Bradford Jr. (March 8, 1825 - April 12, 1864) was a captain in the Union Army and served under his younger brother, Major Bill Bradford in the Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry (U.S.). At the Battle of Fort Pillow, he kept in contact with the USS New Era via flags. Unfortunately, Bradford didn't have a spyglass, so his ability to confirm signals from the ship was limited. For example, when his brother ordered the New Era to shell a row of barracks outside the fort to keep them out of Confederate hands, Theodrick Bradford admitted to fort adjutant Lt. Mack Leaming that he wasn't sure if the New Era understood the coordinates or not. Subsequent shelling, which fell short of the barracks, tended to confirm that they hadn't.

Theo was part of the meeting of officers called by his brother upon a demand for surrender from General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Like all present, Theo voted against surrender. Privately, after William Bradford signaled his refusal, Theo admitted that he was inclined to surrender, but didn't want to appear a coward. When William admonished Theo that he'd expected Theo to be honest, Theo stormed off.

Later, when the fort was breached, several Confederate troops deliberately targeted Theo Bradford, angry that he'd been sending signals to the New Era. Theodorick Bradford was gunned down in front of his brother.

After the fort fell, William Bradford was able to surrender, and saw to it, with Nathan Bedford Forrest's blessing, that Theodorick received a proper Christian burial.