For the wife of Justinian I, see Theodora (wife of Justinian I)

Theodora of Khazaria
Theodora Ashina-2-.png
Historical Figure
Nationality: Byzantine Empire (born in Khazaria)
Date of Birth: Sometime in the 7th Century
Date of Death: Sometime in the 8th Century
Cause of Death: Unknown
Religion: Eastern Orthodox (convert)
Spouse: Justinian II
Children: Tiberius
Fictional Appearances:
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct

Theodora (Khazarian name unknown), Augusta of the Eastern Roman Empire and second wife of the Emperor Justinian II, was a Khazarian noblewoman. She had wed Justinian while the latter was hiding about the Black Sea region from Roman agents and Khersonite collaborators. Justinian married her in exchange for help from her brother, Ibousiros Gliabanos. Having only met at their wedding, the two quickly fell in love, and when Ibousiros Gliabanos was paid by Roman agents to dispose of Justinian she immediately took her new husband's side against her brother's. After Justinian's triumphant return to power, he sent for Theodora, who by this time had given birth to a son, Tiberius. She participated in her husband's reign of terror against the Constantinople population, at one point choosing victims at random to have their execution chosen by flip of a coin. As the empire turned against her husband for a second and final time, she was present when Justinian was killed by Philippkios Bardanes.

Her fate remains unknown; Myakes, Justinian's most loyal follower, speculated she ended up as a concubine in the successor government.