The War That Came Early is an alternate history series by Harry Turtledove. The series has two point of divergence markers. The first comes in 1936, when General José Sanjurjo does not die in a plane crash, and goes on to personally lead the Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War. The second comes in 1938 with the assassination of Konrad Henlein by a Czechoslovakian nationalist, just hours before the completion of the Munich Conference. Henlein's death gives Adolf Hitler a reason to attack Czechoslovakia, sparking World War II in Europe a full year earlier than in OTL. The series spans six volumes.

The link between the two PODs isn't fully fleshed out. Although Sanjurjo does prove a more reliable ally to Hitler than Francisco Franco did in OTL, the course of the Spanish Civil War appears to be more or less identical to our history until September 1938, when broader changes to history begin occurring rapidly.


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