The Time of Troubles II  
Author Harry Turtledove
Subject(s) Fantasy
Publisher Baen
Publication date 2005
Preceded by The Time of Troubles I

The Time of Troubles II (Baen, 2005) is an omnibus containing The Thousand Cities and Videssos Besieged, the third and fourth volumes of The Time of Troubles Cycle.

Abivard, Marshal of Makuran, has been given an impossible task(so it seems to him): destroy the mighty Empire of Videssos, Makuran's greatest threat, once and for all by King of Kings Sharbaraz. But as he ponders how best to use his great battle skill, the Videssians strike first.

Abivard soon is thrust into a defensive war, trying to keep to the enemy out of his homeland, Land of the Thousand Cities. But even has he strikes back, he realizes he has to neutralize the enemy's greatest threat: its sorcerers. Even in Makuran, Videssos' wizards are the stuff of legends. He needs a counterweight, for the the mightiest sword can be defeated by a potent spell.