The Three Sixes, also translatable into English as The Triple Six[1], was the name of a hobby shop located San Marino in an alternate where the Soviet Union won the Cold War and the entire world became communist by the end of the 20th century. Crosstime Traffic used The Three Sixes to try to infiltrate ideas of capitalism into this world. Similar shops were set up in Milan and Rome in the Italian People's Republic.

When the Italian Security Police discovered that the shops in their country were spreading capitalist ideas, they shut the stores down. All of the Crosstime employees escaped, save Eduardo Caruso, a clerk a The Gladiator in Milan. With the help of Annarita Crosetti and Gianfranco Mazzilli, Caruso made his way to The Three Sixes. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the Italian Security Police had already infiltrated it.

Caruso alterted the Sammarinese police that The Three Sixes was distributing capitalist notions. When San Marino investigated, they discovered the Italians, who were acting outside their jurisdiction. The Sammarinese authorities, extremely protective of their sovereignty, began a conflict. Caruso then took Gianfranco "hostage", and Caruso and two other Crosstimers, Rocco and Giulio, were able to get home.


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