"The Seventh Chapter"  
Author Harry Turtledove
Illustrator Michael Garland
Series Videssos Series
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publication date September, 1997
Preceded by Swords of the Legion (chronological)

"The Seventh Chapter" by Harry Turtledove, originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in September 1997, and reprinted in Counting Up, Counting Down in 2002 and in The Dragon Done It (ed. Eric Flint and Mike Resnick, Baen, 2008, readable on Baen's website), is a short story set in Develtos in the Empire of Videssos. It tells of a Videssian priest of Phos named Kassianos who discovers an apparent heresy in the village and he must deal with the heretics without having them turn on him.

In his foreword to the story in Counting Up, Counting Down, Turtledove states that the story is based on an incident from the history of England, but does not specify. Research reveals the relevant historical figure to be Gerard, Archbishop of York.

The bibliography in Turtledove's official website places this story's setting after Swords of the Legion, but nothing more specific. The story does not contain any reference to events in previous Videssos Series installments, nor to any Avtokrator of Videssos whether past or present.