The Race's Colonization of Tosev 3 began in 1962, when the Race's Colonization Fleet arrived. This fleet greatly increased the Race's population on Earth and introduced females of the species to the planet for the first time. The first generation of the Race to be hatched on Earth shortly followed.

All the colonies won by the Conquest Fleet under the terms of the Peace of Cairo were intensely colonized, but most of those bordering independent Tosevite not-empires were opposed by those not-empires. For example. the Soviet Union applied particular pressure against the extensive colonization of Iran, Afghanistan, and the Kashmir province of India, due to their proximity to Soviet borders, and in some cases provided clandestine assistance to human resistance in those areas. Grateful for a buffer that separated them from German territory, the USSR did not object to the Race's efforts to colonize Poland.

Among the colonists, Australia was considered the most desirable location to live in. China and India were particularly difficult for the Race to colonize because of the already dense human populations.

Race Colonies on Tosev 3[]