The Old Phoenix is a creation by Poul Anderson first appearing in his 1974 alternate history-fantasy novel A Midsummer Tempest. The Old Phoenix is a magical inn which proves to be a nexus between parallel worlds. The Proprietor is not allowed to interfere with his guests' destines but provides a safe haven for one night where they may refresh themselves with food and drink, clean themselves and rest. In exchange, the Proprietor listens to any tales they may exchange with other guests. When Prince Rupert, the protagonist of A Midsummer Tempest arrives, he meets with Valeria Matuchek, a character from Anderson's Operation Chaos / Operation Luna duology and Holger Carlsen, the protagonist of Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions.

The Old Phoenix in "The Man who Came Late"[]

After Holger accepted Alianora's rejection of his love, he guested with her and her family and that evening invited them to Gerold's tavern. When the group approached it in the fading light, they saw that The Old Phoenix inn had replaced the tavern and Morgan le Fay was inside the taproom waiting for Holger. A flash of jealousy passed through Alianora but Holger pointed out that she wished to remain with Theodo, her husband, leaving him free to pursue other relationships. However, he also said that while le Fay looked seductive, he did not trust her and so would not succumb to her wiles. Nevertheless, Holger was the only one to enter The Old Phoenix while Alianora and her family stayed outside and watched the door close. They then returned to their home and when Alianora returned the next morning, only the village's tavern remained.