The Grapple  
Author Harry Turtledove
Language English
Series Southern Victory
Genre(s) Alternate history
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date July 2006
Preceded by Drive to the East
Followed by In at the Death

The Grapple (Del Rey, 2006) is the third book in the Settling Accounts tetralogy, and is the penultimate volume of the overall Southern Victory series.


The book deals with the efforts of General Irving Morrell's United States Army, having emerged victorious from the Battle of Pittsburgh, to drive Confederate forces out of Ohio. Morrell pursues the Confederates, under General George Patton, across Kentucky and Tennessee (where he easily takes Chattanooga) and into Georgia in a period of about six months. When the book ends, US forces are an established presence in Georgia and are fast coming within range of Atlanta, despite some fearsome new weapons introduced by the Confederates.

Two major subplots of the book are US General Abner Dowling's ongoing effort to capture and shut down Camp Determination and the race by both the United States and Confederate States to build a uranium bomb.

Viewpoint characters Scipio and Hipolito Rodriguez die in the book. Formerly supporting characters Jerry Dover, Cassius (son of Scipio), and Jorge Rodriguez make their debuts as viewpoint characters.