"The Garden Gnome Freedom Front"  
Enchanter Completed.jpg
Author Laura Frankos
First Appearance The Enchanter Completed
Publisher Baen
Illustrator Tom Kidd
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publication date 2005

The Garden Gnome Freedom Front is a fantasy story by Laura Frankos, published in The Enchanter Completed (Baen, 2005). It is set in Normandy, France in September-October 1996, during the time period when the bizarre fad of "roaming/travelling/liberating" garden gnomes first became widely reported.

Bored university students Alizon Riand, Raquel Guibert, and Becca Milleron have founded the "Garden Gnome Freedom Front" which seeks to "liberate" decorative statuary from local gardens. They must reevaluate their priorities, after an unusual phase of the moon transforms their targets into sentient beings with their own strongly held opinions about the group's mission.

The story is marketed as a tribute to L. Sprague de Camp. While Faerie creatures with wise cracking personalities appear on occasion in de Camp's fantasy, the story is not a specific pastiche or shared universe with any particular de Camp work.

The characters Alizon, Raquel, and Becca are named after the author's own daughters Alison, Rachel, and Rebecca.

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