The Disunited States of America  
Author Harry Turtledove
Language English
Series Crosstime Traffic
Genre(s) Science fiction, Alternate History
Publisher Tor
Publication date 2006
Preceded by In High Places
Followed by The Gladiator

The Disunited States of America, Tor, 2006, is the fourth novel in Harry Turtledove's Crosstime Traffic Series. It posits an alternate history in which the United States did not reach the compromise of the bicameral legislative branch at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and so continued to use the Articles of Confederation. After a few decades, the United States simply ceased to exist, and the various states became countries unto themselves. Many have a history of war with their neighbors. Beckie Royer, a Californian, travels to Virginia with her grandmother, Myrtle Bentley. So do Crosstime Traffic employees Justin Monroe and his mother. By chance, they meet. Shortly after, Virginia goes to war with its neighbor, Ohio. Biological weapons are used, stranding everyone in a quarantine situation.

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