The Broadway Musical Quiz Book (also titled The Broadway Musicals Quiz Book in some editions) is a 2010 non-fiction work by Laura Frankos, published by Applause Theatre and Cinema Books. From the back cover:

"The Broadway Musical Quiz Book includes nearly 80 quizzes on every aspect of the Broadway musical, including sections devoted to the careers of major Broadway stars, songwriters, directors, and producers, ranging from Ethel Merman to Stephen Sondheim. It also features thematic quizzes such as musicals set in France, adaptations from literature, food and drink, British shows, references to sports, biographical shows, and jukebox musicals and quizzes covering each decade from 1900 to the present. With over 700 shows mentioned, and over 1200 questions, The Broadway Musical Quiz Book is detailed and thorough: the answer section doesn't merely list the answers, it provides further information on the quizzes' subjects (and often on wrong answers, too!). The Broadway Musical Quiz Book is more than just a compendium of trivia; it's a anecdotal history of musical theatre, with something for everyone who loves The Great White Way!"

Rather than simply make a list of names, dates, and other facts, Frankos treats the quiz book format as an opportunity to share interesting trivial anecdotes. From the Preface: "I've included details and commentary in the answer section which I hope will amuse, inform, or infuriate you."

The book is divided into the following sections: "Setting," "Time," "Act One (Scenes One-Three)", "Intermission", and "Act Two (Scenes One-Two)". "Setting" has entries focusing on musicals set in France, Britain, Italy, and imaginary places, as well as the theatres where these plays were performed. "Time" breaks down a list of plays by decade. "Act One" focuses on the work of specific playwrights, composers, and actors. "Intermission" contains mainly information about food and beverages used as the subject of plays, while "Act Two" includes lists of musical storylines by genre, a list of plays that were proposed by never produced, and numerical and linguistic patterns hidden in certain plays' scripts. The Answers section ends the book.

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