Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Prince of the North;
King of the North;
Fox and Empire
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Monster
Nationality: North Elabon
Religion: Elabonian pantheon
Occupation: Hunter
Parents: Gerin the Fox and Selatre (informally adopted)
Relatives: Geroge (brother);
Duren, Dagref, Clotild, Blestar (informally adopted siblings)

During the Monster War in North Elabon, Prince Gerin the Fox came across two baby monsters who had been orphaned in the fighting. His sense of honor disapproved of killing the helpless "cubs" (the description on which he tentatively decided), so he ordered his men to leave the cubs alone and let nature take its course. At the end of the monster war, Lord Biton informed Gerin that most, but not all, of the monsters had been returned to their sealed-off cavern below Ikos. Gerin suspected that the two infants were the "not all" which Biton meant.

Some years later, a peasant brought to Prince Gerin two monster cubs he had found, offering them to his sovereign to raise, as if they were pets. Gerin again suspected that these were the very same infants he had once encountered, although he was not certain. He named them Geroge and Tharma, and came to regard them more as his own children then as pets.