Fictional Character
Fantasy set in OTL(?)
Type of Appearance: {{{type of appearance}}}
Species: {{{species}}}
Nationality: {{{nationality}}}
Religion: {{{religion}}}
Date of Birth: {{{birth}}}
Date of Death: {{{death}}}
Cause of Death: {{{cause of death}}}
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Parents: {{{parents}}}
Spouse: {{{spouse}}}
Children: {{{children}}}
Relatives: {{{family}}}
Affiliations: {{{affiliations}}}
Military branch: {{{military branch}}}
Professional affiliations: {{{professional affiliations}}}

This template should be used for the fictional characters who appear in Thessalonica. To use this template, copy the following to the page and fill in the appropriate fields.

{{Thessalonica Fictional Character
| name= Character's name         
| image= if available
| type of appearance=Direct or reference; posthumous or contemporary         
| nationality=   
| religion= 
| species=  
| birth=         
| death=
| cause of death=         
| occupation=    
| spouse=        
| children=      
| family =       
| affiliations =
| military branch =
| professional affiliations =