Historical Figure
Nationality: {{{nationality}}}
Date of Birth: {{{birth}}}
Date of Death: {{{death}}}
Cause of Death: {{{cause of death}}}
Religion: {{{religion}}}
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Parents: {{{parents}}}
Spouse: {{{spouse}}}
Children: {{{children}}}
Relatives: {{{family}}}
House: {{{house}}}
Title of Nobility: {{{noble title}}}
Sports Team: {{{sports team}}}
Professional Affiliations: {{{professional affiliations}}}
Military Branch: {{{military branch}}}
Political Party: {{{political party}}}
Political Office(s): {{{political office}}}
Fictional Appearances:

This template should be used for the historical figures who appear in the works of Harry Turtledove and/or Laura Frankos. This template should focus on their OTL statistical information. To use this template, copy the following to the page and fill in the appropriate fields. The data included should reflect differences between the historical person's OTL biography and their fictional one.

{{Infobox Historical Figure
| name=          
| image= 
| nationality=  If from a country with a category: {{NationalityTemplate|[[Nationality]]}}
| birth=   if known, {{19XX|19XX}} or {{XCentury|Year}}     
| death=   if known
| cause of death=  if known, e.g., {{Cancer|Type of Cancer}}
| religion= If any {{Religion}}
| occupation= {{Job}}
| parents=   
| spouse=  if applicable; templates may include {{Widowed}} and {{Divorced}}    | children= if applicable     
| family =  any members not listed above, such as aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.  
| house=if a member of a royal family, {{Family|House of Family}}
| noble title=If applicable, non-monarchs like {{Duke}}, {{Count}}, {{Earl}}

| military branch = if applicable {{Soldiers|Branch of Service}}<br>{{SoldiersofNameofwar}}</br>
| sports team= if applicable
| professional affiliations=if applicable, broadly includes employers, unions, musical groups, etc
| political party = if known, {{PartyMembers}}
| political office=If applicable,  {{Name of Office}}