This template is to denote citizens of United States of America. To use for historical figures:

nationality={{Americans|[[United States of America]]}} with a link to the United States article. For fictional characters or characters who reside in alternate versions of the United States the value of the [[United States]] should be modified. For example, for a fictional citizen of the USA appearing in the Southern Victory series, the template should look like this:

|nationality={{Americans|[[United States of America (Southern Victory)]]}}

This model should also be used for the fictional citizens of the Federated Commonwealths of America (found in A Different Flesh) and the North American Union (found in The Two Georges). For example:

|nationality={{Americans|[[North American Union]]}}

For historical US citizens who are members of the NAU:

|nationality={{AlternateNationality|{{Americans|[[North American Union]]}}}}