Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness;
Darkness Descending
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Algarve
Cause of Death: Blazed with a stick
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: Algarvian Army

Tealdo was an Algarvian soldier present at many key events in the early stages of the Derlavaian War.

His company was part of the bloodless annexation/liberation of the Duchy of Bari. Later he took part in the successful invasion of Sibiu, where through thorough preparation and training and the use of unorthodox tactics his unit accomplished a quick and easy victory. More battlefield successes against Valmiera and Jelgava gave Tealdo and his fellow soldiers, including Trasone and their squad leader Sergeant Panfilo, the false impression that they were involved in an easy and victorious war against inferior enemies.

When Algarve began its invasion of Unkerlant, this impression was initially reinforced as Tealdo's company advanced swiftly through the southern part of the country. As the invasion bogged down and Unkerlanter resistance stiffened, Tealdo became more dispirited. The company was part of the winter advance upon the Unkerlanter capital Cottbus. In the ferocious fighting in Thalfang, the last town before Cottbus, Tealdo managed to get a glimpse of the spires of King Swemmel's palace. Shortly after, the Unkerlanters launched a counterattack that drove the Algarvians back. During the fighting in the market square Tealdo was blazed through the torso. As he lay dying in the snow, he finally wondered whether Algarve could hope to win the war.

A year later, during the bitterly fought Battle of Sulingen, Trasone thought of Tealdo shortly before his own death, and reflected on how they had both come within sight of victory yet fell short.