The Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh was one of the nations on the Great Continent.[1] It stretched from the Western Ocean inland to the Krepalgan Unity in the east. To the south, it shared the Bottomlands with the Principality of Lissonland. Off the northwest coast was Tartesh's long time enemy the Kingdom of Morgaf.[2] Its capital city was Tarteshem

Tartesh was populated by Strongbrows and ruled by the Hereditary Tyrant (currently Bortav vez Pamdal). Over the centuries, Tartesh fought numerous wars with Morgaf but achieved an uneasy peace with them for the last twenty years of the 20th century.[3] Many believe this is due to the invention of the starbomb some fifty years ago.[4]

Still, despite the peace, Tartesh remained a martial society. Everyone was expected to serve two years in the Hereditary Tyrant's Volunteer Guard.[5] Moreover, the Hereditary Tyrant had a secret police force called the Eyes and Ears.[6]

The Bottomlands were a key part of Tartesh's economy. In addition to the mineral wealth and petroleum in the Bottomlands,[7] Tartesh also built power stations on several rivers in the Bottomlands. These produced 3/4 of Tartesh's electricity.[8] Trench Park in the Bottomlands was a major tourist attraction that brought people in from all over the world.

Literary commentEdit

The name Tartesh resembles Tartessos (or Tarshish, among other variants), a Bronze Age civilization in southern Spain about which very little is known. S.M. Stirling's Nantucket Series depicts Tartessos in a speculative manner, and shows time traveler Ian Arnstein, a fictional analog of Harry Turtledove, encountering people from Tartessos.


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