Tanzania Flag svg.png
Continent: Africa
Capital: Dodoma
National Language: None de jure, though English and Swahili are used the most often
Government: Unitary dominant-party presidential constitutional socialist republic
Status in OTL: Active

The United Republic of Tanzania is a nation in East Africa. A region with a lengthy and diverse history, Tanzania came under Portugal's control in the 16th Century. Portugal was ousted by the Omani Sultans, who held the region until Germany conquered most of it in the 19th Century, calling it German East Africa. However, after World War I, Germany was forced to give up all of its colonies and the region was given to the British Empire. It remained a British colony (called Tanganyika, later Tanzania, a compound of Tanganyika and Zanzibar) until it achieved independence in 1961.

Tanzania in A Different Flesh[]

Fossils of creatures very much like sims were found in an eastern region of Africa, a clue to the species' origin.[1]

Literary comment[]

While nothing is specified beyond "East Africa," the context makes fairly clear that the reference is to the Olduvai Gorge, which in OTL is part of Tanzania. As it is not clear what nation that region is part of in the Flesh timeline, the reference is placed here for convenience.