Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"Merchants of Discord"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Briton citizen of the Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 3rd century
Spouse: Quintus Vestinus Corvus

Tancorix was the Briton wife of Quintus Vestinus Corvus, the decurion of Brocolitia at the Wall. Corvus' duties were such that they could go long periods of time without seeing each other, even though she lived close by in the settlement along the fort.[1]

Discord came to Brocolitia in the form of four merchants who shared a mutual dislike for each other, although the market did give Tancroix an opportunity to spend time with her husband.[2] While she was waiting at the wagon of Secundinius the Gaul, Tancorix was joined by Corvus. Secundinius, not knowing Tancorix's identity, refused to sell to her once Corvus and Firmus arrived as they were her "betters". Another Roman soldier, Publius Rubrius, explained who Tancorix was before Corvus could erupt. Upon hearing this, Secundinius promptly sold Tancroix his best wine jugs.[3] Secundinius also tried to get back into Corvus' good graces by making accusations against the other merchants. As Corvus saw no evidence of any crimes, he again asserted that so long as things were peaceful, he wouldn't heed any of Secundinius' rumors.[4] As Corvus and Tancorix looked over the other wagons, they heard Matugenus the local potter joking with the Briton merchant Brocco in their native tongue. Tancorix explained that Matugenus didn't want Secundinius' imported pots, and that Secundinius could stick his head in one of his cursed pots and never come out. They also purchased from African merchant Tertullus, who bad-mouthed Secundinius for having stolen a customer from him, and even intimated that Secundinius might have committed murder to get that deal.[5]


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