Talking cat
Clever Rolf Stories
Appearance(s): "The Talking Cat"
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Species: Cat (Felis catus)

A talking male cat was bitten by something, and found itself feeling unwell in the weeks that followed, soon becoming worried it was a vampire. It heard stories about Clever Rolf, and so tracked him down at the Blue Fox. After the cat promised Clever Rolf information in exchange for his help, Clever Rolf took the cat to his home, and asked it various questions about its condition. The cat had no definitive answers; most of its own natural behaviors were consistent with symptoms of vampirism. However, when Clever Rolf produced a garlic clove and broke it open with a loud bang, the cat leaped out the window, leaving Clever Rolf to ponder whether the smell or the noise had driven the cat off.

The cat avoided Clever Rolf the next day. Clever Rolf came up with a solution that evening while visiting Magda's brothel. The following evening, the cat found Clever Rolf at the Blue Fox again, and they both went to Magda's. After impressing everyone with its ability to speak, the cat followed Clever Rolf to the mirror. Upon seeing its reflection, the cat, convinced it was looking at another cat, attacked the mirror. As vampires cast no reflection, Clever Rolf informed the cat it was not a vampire.

However, Clever Rolf was bothered by the fact that, as the cat wasn't a vampire, the story didn't have any fantasy elements.[1]