I proprose that we tweak the title. There is one other invasion of Hawaii in the HT canon, though it wasn't near as important storywise as this one is.

I suggest "Japanese Invasion of Hawaii". Perhaps a (Days of Infamy) for additional clarity. TR 16:07, February 16, 2012 (UTC)

I compleatly forgot about that other one. I think "Japanese Invasion of Hawaii" sounds better. MrNelg

I do think (Days of Infamy) is an important clarifier. True HT's never had the Japanese invade Hawaii in any other timeline (though I'd assume it happened offstage in ItPoME, and he may yet put it into TWTPE) but when there's ambiguity in an article's subject matter, the more information the title conveys, the better. Especially where hit-and-runners are concerned; we haven't had many of them lately, but (Days of Infamy) would make the article a less attractive target for them, as well as less confusing for anyone who might stumble in here by accident. Turtle Fan 18:44, February 17, 2012 (UTC)