Suleiman ibn Abd al-Malik
Historical Figure
Nationality: Ummayyad Caliphate
Date of Birth: 674
Date of Death: 717
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Soldier, Monarch
Spouse: Multiple
Children: Several, including Ayyub
Relatives: Maslama ibn Abd al-Malik (half-brother)
House: Wuffingas
Political Office(s): Caliph
Fictional Appearances:
"Islands in the Sea"
POD: 717 CE
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references
Date of Death: After 718, well before 769

Suleiman ibn Abd al-Malik (Arabic سليمان بن عبد الملك) (c. 674 - September or October 717) was an Umayyad Caliph who ruled from 715 until 717. In 717, Suleiman laid siege to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. The siege ultimately failed. Suleiman was on his way to attack the border when he died.

Suleiman ibn Abd al-Malik in "Islands in the Sea"[]

During Suleiman's reign, the Umayyad Caliphate's siege of Constantinople in 718 was a success and the Byzantine Empire fell rapidly to Muslim invasions. Consequently, Islam spread into Europe nearly unopposed.[1]


  1. See, e.g, Departures, pg. 63.
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Al-Walid I
Caliph of Islam
Succeeded by
Umar II
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Al-Walid I
Caliph of Islam
("Islands in the Sea")

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