"Suffer a Sorceress"  
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Ancient Enchantresses
Publisher Pocket Books
Reprinted No
Collected No
Genre(s) Historical fantasy
Publication date 1995

"Suffer a Sorceress" is a short story of historical fantasy, by Harry Turtledove, published in Ancient Enchantresses, edited by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch, Martin H. Greenberg & Richard Gilliam, DAW, 1995. It has not been reprinted.

The story is set in Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. In 1118, Emperor Alexios Komnenos lies on his deathbed. While his logical successor is his son Prince John, his daughter Princess Anna has her own ambitions. She also has a secret talent for outlawed witchcraft, but soon finds that she is not the only player in the game of occult activity.