The State of Jefferson Stories is a series of short works by Harry Turtledove, published beginning in 2016. The series has no formal title as of yet; this article is titled for convenience. The stories are light alternate history tales set in a world where sasquatches and yetis, regarded as cryptids in our world, are real. However, unlike common popular depictions of such creatures as less evolved primates, in Turtledove's work, they are essentially additional human ethnic groups, and have been integrated into society. In "Something Fishy", Turtledove introduces merfolk (depicted as a sentient species within the order Sirenia) as another legendary race that are real in this particular world. In "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", Turtledove also introduces Homo floresiensis ("hobbits"), which continue to thrive in Indonesian society.

Moreover, in 1919, several counties in northern California and southern Oregon seceded from their respective states and formed the new U.S. state of Jefferson. This is the relevant Point of Divergence, as the existence of hominids such as sasquatches and yeti did not affect the broader strokes of world history. Even after 1919, history does not differ appreciably from OTL; aside from the aforementioned map redrawing, the lives of a few historical individuals seem to be the only things altered in this timeline.

Six of the stories published thus far center on Bill Williamson, the governor of Jefferson in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Williamson is a sasquatch who entered politics after a career in real estate sales.

The first two tales, "Visitor from the East" and "Peace is Better" were both published in May 2016 in Thirty Days Later: Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time, a collection of short stories with each author setting works 30 days apart. Both are slight vignettes focused more on world building, giving the reader insight into the culture and politics of Jefferson and its sasquatch governor.

The follow-up works "Typecasting", "Something Fishy", "Always Something New", and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", are more developed stories, involving Williamson combating certain negative stereotypes about sasquatches, encountering a traditional enemy tribe, and ruminating on important national and international issues.

The short story "Three Men and a Sasquatch" is part of Turtledove's series of pastiches of the works of Jerome K. Jerome. This story, set in the 1890s, also doubles as a prequel tale in the State of Jefferson series. This connection also means that vampires and werewolves co-exist with Yeti and Sasquatches, but are plainly not as common, much less politically connected.

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