Fictional Character
Chicxulub Asteroid Missed
POD: 66 million years ago
Appearance(s): "The Quest for the Great Gray Mossy"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unnamed
Species: Greenskin
Religion: World Egg
Cause of Death: Drowned
Occupation: Mossy hunter
Spouse: Unnamed
Children: Unnamed hatchlings

Stabbak was the first mate aboard the mossy vessel the Queepahd. He was a family man, with a wife and hatchlings.[1] Among his duties, Stabbak was responsible for hiring the crew. When the pale greenskin harpooner Geekgeek and the novice Milvil sought to join the crew, Stabbak hired Geekgeek at once. However, when he learned this was Milvil's first mossy expedition, Stabbak consulted with the captain, Baja, to whom he was completely loyal.[2] After listening to Milvil and inspecting him for a bit, Baja decided Milvil's friendship with Geekgeek was enough to justify adding him to the crew, complimenting Stabbak on his due care.[3]

Stabbak was a gentle and even-keeled individual, especially compared with Captain Baja.[4] He was also worried about Baja's obsession with the Great Gray Mossy, realizing that Baja's behavior could endanger the whole crew. However, Stabbak was also aware of his own inferior position, knowing that he could not challenge Baja without being placed in irons. So he was forced to suggest, beg, and plead, without much success.[5]

While Baja didn't listen to Stabbak's advice, he did respect Stabbak's conscientiousness. When the Queepahd spotted the first mossy of the season, Baja ordered Stabbak to stay aboard, reminding Stabbak of his youth and his family. Baja assured him, correctly, that Faidal would harpoon minimal risk to Baja.[6]

The Queepahd continued its journey as Baja hunted the Great Gray Mossy. The crew soon grew dissatisfied.[7]the Queepahd encountered the Flowerbud under the command of Captain Kain. Kain informed Baja that the Great Gray Mossy had overturned a harpoon boat containing Kain's eldest hatchling. Kain asked for help in the search, but Baja simply asked where the encounter had taken place. Once Kain had done so, Baja ordered the Queepahd to the location. He informed an irate Kain that he was not going to help, but he did wish Kain luck.[8]

More days passed, though the search proved fruitless. When Stabbak once again tried to convince Baja to give up the hunt, but Baja refused.[9] And then one day, they finally found the Great Gray Mossy. Milvil and Geekgeek made their way to Shtup's boat. On his way, Milvil heard Stabbak informing Baja that he also wanted to go out.[10] In the end, Baja's efforts to keep Stabbak safe failed. The Great Gray Mossy systematically sank all of the boats that hunted it. Baja drowned. Then the Great Gray Mossy charged the Queepahd itself, breaking a hole in the ship's side. Despite the sailors' efforts to pump the ship out, it sank in short order. Stabbak and everyone else on board drowned. Milvil was the only survivor; he was saved when the Flowerbud came back, fruitlessly searching for Kain's hatchling.[11]

Literary Comment[]

Stabbak is based on Starbuck, a character from Moby-Dick.


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