St. Peter
Historical Figure
Nationality: Judea
Date of Birth: c. AD 1
Date of Death: c. AD 64 or 67 (disputed)
Cause of Death: Crucifixion
Religion: Christianity (convert from Judaism)
Occupation: Fisherman, Clergy
Relatives: Saint Andrew (brother)
Professional Affiliations: The Twelve Apostles
Political Office(s): Pope
Fictional Appearances:
|}The Apostle Peter (d. AD 64? or 67?), also known as Saint Peter, Shimon "Keipha" Ben-Yonah/Bar-Yonah, Simon Peter, Cephas and Keipha, original name Shimon or Simeon, was a fisherman whom Jesus chose as one of the Twelve Apostles. His life is prominently featured in the New Testament Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. within the Christian Bible. All denominations of Christianity hold that Peter is a saint. As Peter was the Bishop of Rome, the Catholic Church views Peter as the the first pope. Peter continued Jesus's ministry after Jesus was executed. Tradition holds that Peter, falsely accused of arson and terrorism, met the same fate in the time of Nero; it is usually agreed that Peter was crucified upside-down, as a last request that he would not take the honored position of his beloved master.

Popular theology depicts St. Peter as the gatekeeper of Heaven.

Peter is depicted as a hippie-like zealot in the 1970s musical play and movie Jesus Christ Superstar.

Literary comment

As the vast majority of Harry Turtledove timelines place the Point of Divergence well after Peter's death, he has the same cultural significance in those works as in OTL. Frequently someone who has just died is said by another character to be "now meeting with St. Peter" or similar words.

St. Peter in "Under St. Peter's"

"Under St. Peter's"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references
Affiliations: Order of the Pipistrelle

St. Peter took Jesus into custody shortly after the latter became a vampire around AD 30. Peter established a secret religious group called the Order of the Pipistrelle, and charged them with looking after the vampirized Teacher. Peter also established the tradition allowing Jesus to feed on the blood of newly anointed Popes.

St. Peter in "Shock and Awe"

"Shock and Awe"
POD: 30 CE
Type of Appearance: Direct POV (as "The Rock")
Date of Death: c AD 30
Cause of Death: Crucifixion
Occupation: Terrorist

The Rock was the right-hand man of the "Son of God", a Jewish chieftain who led a rebellion against the Roman Empire. While they successfully conducted raids on poorly defended outposts, the band was no match for a Roman Legion. The Rock and his leader were captured. When the Son of God was identified by a traitor in the group, the Rock thrice denied knowing his leader's identity in a vain attempt to save him. Both were brought before the Roman general Pontius Pilate, and ordered crucified. The Son was crucified right-side up, the Rock upside down.

A pragmatist, the Rock had suggested that the tribesmen stop fighting and vanish back into the hills when the Romans first arrived. However, the Son of God's will carried the day.

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