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[[Settling Accounts]] deals with the Second World War.
[[Settling Accounts]] deals with the Second World War.
[[Category:Southern Victory|Southern Victory]]
[[Category:Southern Victory|Southern Victory|!]]

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Southern Victory is a series of Harry Turtledove starting in the American Civil War where the South won the war and allied itself with France and England.

Subsequently, it defeated the USA again in a war where it aimed to keep newly aquired Chihuahua and Sonora States (How Few Remain).

The Great War 1914-1917 brought an USA fighting along Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Osman Empire against a CSA fighting in the Entente.

American Empire deals with the aftermath of the First World War, where the CSA faces limitations not unlike those on Germany after the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. It sees the rise of the Freedom Party of Jake Featherston to power.

Settling Accounts deals with the Second World War.