Siege of Sotevag
Part of Videssian Civil War
Location Sotevag
Result Temporary Videssian Victory
Empire of Videssos Halogai
Commanders and leaders
Kypros Zigabenos Ulror Raska's son

Sotevag was a fortress on the Videssian province of Kalavria. When the Empire was in the throes of a civil war, Halogai troops under the leadership of Ulror Raska's son attempted to take the island. While the Halogai were successful, Videssian forces under General Kypros Zigabenos were able to force Ulror and several of his men to take refuge in Sotevag. The Videssians laid siege to the fortress, until Ulror used trickery to fake his death and escape Zigabenos.

With Ulror free, Zigabenos faced the possibility of himself being sieged within Sotevag.[1]


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