Fictional Character
Hellenic Traders
Set in OTL
Appearance(s): Over the Wine-Dark Sea
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Rhodes
Religion: Greek pantheon
Date of Birth: c. 335 BC
Occupation: Sailor, Trader
Parents: Lysistratos
Relatives: Erinna (sister)
Menedemos (cousin)
Philodemos (uncle)
Damonax (brother-in-law)
Polydoros (nephew)

Sostratos (born c. 335 BC) was a scion of a family of successful traders from the polis of Rhodes. He served as the purser aboard the family's ship, the Aphrodite, which was captained by his cousin, Menedemos.

In 310 BC, about 13 years after the death of Alexander the Great. Sostratos had studied at the Academy in Athens before joining the family business (counting Theophrastos among his instructors). He strove to be more measured and rational than his aggressive and fearless cousin. As a consequence, Sostratos often lived in Menedemos' shadow.[1]

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