Sondheim-Webber battle
Part of an ongoing aesthetic debate
Location Virtual Reality
Result Sondhead victory
Sondheads Webberites
Commanders and leaders
Trina Hutchinson
Giorgio Bachetti
John Wilkes Booth
Charles Guiteau
Carl-Magnus Malcolm
Miles Gloriosus
Lee Harvey Oswald
Georges Seurat
Sweeney Todd
The Witch
The Wolf
Brent Birley
Norma Desmond
Jesus of Nazareth
Magical Mr. Mistoffelees
Juan Perón
The Phantom of the Opera
Rusty the steam engine

Trina Hutchinson and Brent Birley, programmers for You Are There Virtual Reality Gaming in Sherman Oaks, decided to create a virtual reality wargaming scenario between the Stephen Sondheim characters favored by Hutchinson and the Andrew Lloyd Webber characters favored by Birley. Months were spent setting up the ground rules, the settings, and the characters.