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Sniatyn (Ukrainian: Снятин, Polish: Śniatyn, Armenian: Սնիատին, Hebrew: שניאטין‎) is a city located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine along the Prut river. It is the administrative center of the Sniatynsky Raion (district). The town dates back to at least 1158. After the First Partition of Poland, Sniatyn came under Hapsburg rule. It was returned to Poland after World War I, and became part of Ukraine after World War II.

Sniatyn in "The More it Changes"[]

Snyatyn was attacked by Sabbatean haidamacks in November, 1772. They slit the Catholic priest's throat on the church's altar, and let their horses drink from the holy-water fount.

Refugees from Snyatyn made their way to Kolomija. As Snyatyn was located between Kolomija and Zastawna, where the haidamacks had begun their attacks, the people of Kolomija knew that they were the next target.