The Snarre't (singular: Snarre'; adj. Snarre'i) were a non-humanoid starfaring race. Their technology was biologically based, not mechanical.[1]

Physically, the Snarre't probably looked most like the Earth animal tarsier, but that was only an approximation. A nocturnal species, the eye enormous reflective eyes, large ears, a nose that consisted of three slits in their faces, and a mouth full of many sharp teeth. Their bodies were covered by brown or gray pelts, and they wore no clothes.[2] Their sexual organs were internal unless mating. They were not mammals, despite their fur. Females tended to be taller than males. They were also reliant on their pheromones in their interactions.[3]

The Snarre't found the planet Lacanth C the same time humans did. When both species realized that each was technologically sophisticated enough that a war would lead to mutually assured to destruction, they decided to rule the planet via codominium. One-hundred fifty years later, cities on the planet did quite well, providing places for both species to interact as equals,[4] even though neither species particularly liked the other.[5]


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