Snakes and Ladders was a Southern California band. It was Squirt Frog and the Evolving Tadpoles opening act during a cross country tour. While in New York City, The New Yorker ran a review in their "Night Life - Rock and Pop" section. It only gave a one line mention to Snakes and Ladders which upset their lead guitarist Lenny. He wanted to be Robin Trower or maybe Jimi Hendrix and this wouldn't do. During their performance at Neptune's Resort, Lenny tried to coax impossible licks from his guitar and generally failed.[1]

After the show, in the club anteroom, rather than huckstering CDs, the rest of the band tried to talk some sense into Lenny. He got angrier and and angrier and finally exploded. His screaming made the gathered crowd stare in uncomfortable silence. Justin Nachman cracked a joke which brought a nervous chuckle from the crowd and defused the situation.[2] However, this incident led to the eventual break-up of Snakes and Ladders.[3]


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