Fictional Character
The Man With the Iron Heart
POD: May 29, 1942;
Relevant POD: May, 1945
Type of Appearance: Direct POV (one scene)
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Soldier, Driver
Spouse: Unnamed wife
Children: Two
Military Branch: United States Army (World War II)

Smitty was General George Patton's driver. Despite Smitty's constant complaints and pleas, Patton made himself (and Smitty) a visible target for the German Freedom Front when they drove around, pleas that Patton did not heed. When a Werewolf agent attacked their jeep with a Panzerschreck in September 1945, Smitty survived, but Patton did not.

Smitty's worst injury was that his teeth tore through his lower lip when he was thrown clear from the jeep. He was able to get back to his wife and two children back in the States.[1]


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