"Slue-Foot Sue and the Witch in the Woods"  
Did You Say Chicks.jpg
Author Laura Frankos
First Appearance Did You Say Chicks?
Publisher Baen
Reprinted Chicks Ahoy, 2010
Collected No
Genre(s) Fantasy pastiche
Publication date 1998

Slue-Foot Sue and the Witch in the Woods is a fantasy story by Laura Frankos, published in Baen's Did You Say Chicks?! in 1998. It is a pastiche of two disparate sources: Edward O'Reilly's American "fakelore" hero Pecos Bill, and the Russian folklore villainness Baba Yaga.

Bill's wife Slue-foot Sue is the POV character. The story begins with Sue's madcap travel on her wedding dress' bouncing bustle - a famous incident from the original Bill stories - which takes her from Texas to Russia. Once there, she must engage in a contest of wits with Baba Yaga, the witch of the title, in order to preserve her life and find a way back to Texas.

Connections with other Chicks stories[]

Did You Say Chicks?! contains an additional Baba Yaga story, "A Bone to Pick" by Marina Frants and Keith R.A. DeCandido. It features some of the same characters and situations as Frankos' story, but is not in the same continuity. "Bone" is followed by the sequel "Death Becomes Him" in Chicks 'n Chained Males, credited to Frants alone.

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