Fictional Character
"The Boring Beast"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Religion: Polytheism (apparently)
Occupation: Evil wizard, priest

Sloth-Amok was an infamous necromancer, wizard and unholy priest. He was a tall, dingy man with scaly shoulders and aloof, toadlike features. From his warty head to webbed feet, his skin was a deep, venomous green. During his time in Zamorazamaria, he dwelt in the dark Tower of the Bat.

Sloth-Amok plotted to become the ruler of Zamorazamaria by marrying princess Zamaria, the daughter of King Philiboustros, the ruler of the city-state. In order to do so, Sloth-Amok kidnapped and held prisoner prince Elagabalus, Zamaria's fiancé, and demanded her hand in marriage. His dark arts revealed that only Condom the Trojan could foil his plan and so he set out to kill him.

Using his scrying-cauldron of split pea soup, Sloth-Amok observed Condom's arrival at the docks and his subsequent carousing in the Lusty Widow. He prepared a special plum duff and sent his familiar, Gulp, to deliver it to Condom. To assist Gulp, Sloth-Amok conjured up an inconspicuous 30-foot flying fish as his steed and sent him on his way.

Literary comment[]

Sloth-Amok is a parody of Thoth-Amon, arguably the best-known archnemesis of Conan the Cimmerian.