Slim Jim
Fictional Character
"Of Mice and Chicks"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: Baron Howard's guards

Slim Jim, a weathered veteran, was the top sergeant of Baron Howard's guards. Georgia, a newly hired mercenary, liked him much better than the Baron's handsome but heartless son Curls. Like all men, and a few women, Slim Jim was not immune to the beauty of Curls' wife, an amoral chippy who flaunted herself at every opportunity.

Curls, Slim Jim, Georgia, and Lani fought in the battle which saw the defeat of Baron Ritz' cracker mercenaries, and returned to Castle Howard for the celebration. During the feast, Curls became distraught that his wife was missing. Slim Jim and Lani were too. Curls and Georgia went on a search which eventually came to the rabbit stables, where they found the three absentees entangled in a depraved ménage a trois. Curls tried to draw his sword in a murderous rage, but Georgia clobbered him with a beer mug. Georgia was disappointed but not surprised by Slim Jim, who she had hoped liked her, but naturally went for the prettier target. When Georgia fled the castle with Lani on their rabbits, she used evasive maneuvers to throw off Slim Jim and Curls' Wife, who were following on their own rabbits.

Literary comment[]

Slim Jim is based on the character Slim from Of Mice and Men.