Mark of Skotos 2.png
Fictional Work
Story: Videssos Series
God of: Evil
Type of Appearance: Referenced throughout

Skotos was the evil counterpart of Phos in the Videssian religion. One belief associated with the religion is in the narrow Bridge of the Separator, walked by all souls upon death. The wicked tumble off, unbalanced by their sins, into Skotos' icy hell, while the souls of the virtuous make it across.

The mark of Skotos are the twin three-pronged lightning bolts.

There were times when people worshiped Skotos. Most prominent would be the Yezda, who began to follow Skotos after proselytizing from an evil wizard called Avshar. Rhavas (as he was originally called) was a Videssian priest who was made prelate of Skopentzana some eight centuries before the events of the Legion Cycle. He came to believe that Skotos' power was greater than that of Phos as the Khamorth tribes swept into the Empire during a civil war.

He made an accord with Skotos when the latter appeared to him in a dream just before he was to be executed for heresy, and gained tremendous power as a sorceror and warrior, as well as an 800-year life, in exchange for serving the dark god.

Later, when the Roman legion had arrived in Videssos Marcus Scaurus heard Skotos begin to speak to Avshar from inside the sorcerous bubble that was generated by the touching of the Druidic swords. Avshar was banished to Skotos' hell. 

Skotos' Hell[]

Skotos hell was supposed to be filled with ice. Believers who had sinned along with pagans and heretics were doomed to spend their afterlife in the eternal ice, after souls walked the Bridge of Separator and that Bridge couldn't bear the weight of their sins. This caused their souls to fall into the ice rather than crossing into the light of Phos' heaven. 


Skotos is Greek for darkness.