Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Valmiera
Occupation: Marquis, Soldier, Farmhand, Guerrilla
Spouse: Merkela
Children: Gedominu
Relatives: Krasta (sister), Gainibu (nephew)

Skarnu was a Valmieran Marquis who served as an officer in the regular army before the ill-fated Valmieran invasion of Algarve, and became a resistance fighter when the Algarvians occupied his own country.

When war broke out Skarnu answered the call to arms, and became an officer with no other qualification for the post than his aristocratic title. He was aware of his limitations and was willing to listen to his experienced commoner sergeant Raunu, gradually becoming a fairly capable officer. Skarnu's aristocratic superiors proved to be more arrogant and unwilling to adapt, leading to military disaster and the occupation of Valmiera.

Determined to fight on, Skarnu and his sergeant hid out with a peasant family, and started being involved in the emerging irregular underground movement. When his host Gedominu was killed by the Algarvian occupiers he formed a strong liaison with his host's widow Merkela - a fierce peasant woman full of hatred for the Algarvians and the collaborationist Valmieran nobility.

Together, Skarnu and Markela took part in daring raids, killing collaborators and rescuing Kaunian prisoners en route to being killed for the Algarvian murder magic, as well as producing and distributing leaflets revealing Algarvian atrocities. Only the birth of their son, named Gedominu for Merkela's dead husband, interrupted this life.

Skarnu, under his nom de guerre Pavilosta, became a leading member of the resistance - which earned  him a high place on the Algarvians' "most wanted" list. He furtively moved from one town to another and had several narrow escapes, with the hunt for him being coordinated by Colonel Lurcanio, the Algarvian lover of his own collaborationist sister Krasta.

After the liberation of Valmiera, Skarnu and Merkela, now married, moved back into his family mansion. Skarnu disinherited Krasta but otherwise left her alone. Merkela enjoyed taking revenge upon Krasta by cutting off her hair when she gave birth to a son - whose red hair proved Lurcanio as his sire.

Skarnu's loyal service to Valmiera was rewarded when he received the estate of Simanu, an oppressive collaborationist nobleman whom he had earlier killed. As the estate's new ruler Skarnu resolved to govern his peasants justly.